Artisan Taro Toast 4 oz


We have taken hearty Hawaiian taro bread and enhanced its flavor with our own touch of sweetness to create an irresistible taro toast treat.

Our Taro (Poi) Sugar Crunchies are made from our very own freshly baked taro bread featuring quality ingredients such as Kauai Makaweli Poi. Each slice is delicately basted by hand with a secret sugary spread and carefully double-baked in small batches to provide an extra crunchy texture. Our Taro Sugar Crunchies come in sharable 8oz bags for the perfect midday snack.

In ancient Hawaiian culture, and even today, the taro plant was a staple food valued for its nutrient-rich content. The root of the plant would be pounded by hand into a purplish, paste-like consistency called poi. In our Taro (Poi) Sugar Crunchies, we have set out to capture a nutritious, yet sweet taste of the tropics and a little Hawaiian heritage one “crunch” at a time.

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