Baked Manju (Handcrafted) 6 oz


Rich, soft, and aromatic, our Baked Manju is a sweet confection you can enjoy anytime!

At the Kauai Kookie factory, we have taken the traditional Japanese dessert and added a Kauai Kookie touch to it. Our bakers have combined enriched flour, sugar, and vanilla to create the soft golden-brown cookies. Then we filled these cookies with sweet red bean paste and baked them to perfection. Our skilled bakers work hard to ensure each product is delivered with the standard of quality you expect from Kauai Kookie. That is why each of these Baked Manju cookies are hand made using only the finest authentic Japanese Azuki red bean paste.

We package our Baked Manju in convenient 8oz bags; perfect for snacking and big enough to share. Pair them with a cup of warm green tea and recreate the taste of Japan at home.

Looking for the same bold taste in cookie form? Kauai Kookie provides over 30 varieties of delectable cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Enjoy!

*Note: This Cookie is Perishable

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